A More Responsible Way to Clean

Try our water reclamation system for your property

When you clean dirt and grim off a sidewalk, all the wastewater from the cleaning process must be disposed of. Normally, it's just pushed around the surface and has to be cleaned by hand. However, the team at Newshades Pressure Washing Service, LLC uses a water reclamation system to cleans the gunk from the water while we clean. You can ask for this water reclamation system the next time you need exterior cleaning services.

Talk to our staff to set up a cleaning appointment for your exterior surfaces.

How does water reclamation work?

There are so many advantages to using our water reclamation system for your next cleaning appointment. This system is popular because:

  • It causes less cleanup after the pressure washing session
  • It makes the wastewater clean enough to be dumped into a sewer drain
  • It has less of an impact on the environment from toxins washing into the soil

Clean your home and help clean up the environment. Choose the water reclamation cleaning system from Newshades Pressure Washing Service today.

Other Services We Offer

  • Graffiti Removal
  • Mortar Clean Up
  • Oxidation Removal
  • Asphalt/Tar Clean Up